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Continence Nurse Advisory, Continence Assessment And Continence Aids

At Resolute Care Group, our flagship continence nurse advisory service offers specialised and detailed continence assessment and quality reports to both the disability and the aged care sector for bowel incontinence problems. We determine the type of incontinence that you have and our continence nurse assists you reach your goals by offering continence aids and recommendations in collaboration with other service providers and finding resources to enable you have choice and control in meeting your continence needs.

Continence Aids Services our continence nurse provides

  • One on one continence assessment on site, your home or via telehealth

  • Continence assessment reports and recommendations
  • Continence Assessment and funding application
  • Bladder scanning to determine residue bladder volumes
  • Male catheterization
  • Female catheterization
  • Supra pubic catheterization
  • Intermittent catheterization
  • Bowel incontinence management; Stoma care and trans- anal irrigation
  • Continence training and education
  • Care planning
  • Mobile continence assessment outreach clinics
  • Free continence aids trials before bulk purchases